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10 December 13

CDM Coordinator Project - Restaurant Food Court, Hull

CDM Coordinator Project: Restaurant, Shopping Centre Food Court, Hull This commercial project involved the refurbishment and fit out of an out of use food court within a busy shopping centre. Duration: 2 months Appointment: October 2013 Working with the Principal Contractor we visited the site to provide H...

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02 December 13
Health & Safety

construction transport management

Top 10 cures for bad construction transport management

Vehicle related incidents cause around 50 deaths and 1500 major injuries at work each year. So transport management is an important consideration in any workplace to prevent fatal and serious accidents to the workforce. Transport management can be more of a headache in construction that in other industries. The problem in construction is...

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30 November 13

CDM Coordinator Project: Building Refurbishment, Central London

CDM Coordinator Project: Retail and Residential Refurbishment, Central London This project involved the conversion of a five storey building into a retail unit at ground floor level with self contained apartments situation on the upper floors. Duration: 9 months Appointment: May 2013 Situated within the West Smithfield area of London...

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25 November 13

construction coshh

Construction COSHH failures and how to avoid them

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations are a well known set of regulations, however many workplaces fail to adequately assess the risks from exposure to hazardous substances. Why is this? Well often because the hazardous substances are not what we would class as dangerous chemicals, a sniff or a splash is not...

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04 November 13
CDM, Health & Safety

construction site welfare facilties

Do your construction welfare facilities pass the suitability test?

A construction company has recently been prosecuted for failing to provide adequate welfare facilities for its workers. In what the HSE inspector described as ‘Dickensian-like’ conditions, workers were unable to access basic welfare facilities such as toilets or running water. In fact, during a recent inspection initiative by the HSE...

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29 October 13
Health & Safety

construction winter wind rain storm

Stormy days and windy weather... the perils of outdoor work

With the storm of St Jude hitting us yesterday, resulting in the uprooting of trees, the collapse of scaffolding and a number of fatalities, we are reminded of the impact the weather can have on our safety. As we head towards November, winter is fast approaching - and unfortunately that brings with it poor weather conditions. Not so bad if...

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25 October 13

fire warden fire marshal

The difference between fire marshal and fire warden roles

In fire safety we often hear the terms fire marshal and fire warden, and there is often much confusion between the names, roles, and requirement of each. So first of all, what is the difference between a fire warden and fire marshal? Often there is no difference at all between the roles people are asked to carry out as a fire warden and a...

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23 October 13

CDM Coordinator Project - Mill Demolition, North Wales

CDM Coordinator Project: Mill Demolition, North Wales This project involved the strip out and removal of industrial processing plant and equipment, and the demolition of a former paper processing mill involving dismantling and removal of steel portal frame sheds. Duration: 6 months Appointment: April 2013 Construction work involved...

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14 October 13
CDM, Health & Safety

25 things cdm regulations

25 things you should know about the CDM regulations

Our A to Z series of CDM is now complete. If you work in construction, or are planning a construction project in the future, these are 25 things you should know about the CDM regulations. Why should you know about the CDM regulations? The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, apply to every construction project in the UK. They...

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08 October 13

z of cdm zero harm

A to Z of CDM: Z is for Zero Harm

The Z in our A to Z series of CDM blog posts is for Zero Harm. After all, the purpose of the CDM regulations 2007 is to improve safety standards and prevent harm occurring within the construction industry. Zero Harm is a health and safety initiative seen in a variety of industries, including construction. The target, as the name suggests...

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01 October 13

y of cdm you

A to Z of CDM: Y is for You

The Y in our A to Z of CDM series is for You. Chances are if you a reading this blog series, then you’re are interested in finding out more about CDM. If you work in construction, then the CDM Regulations will definitely apply to you in some way. And yes, some of you may have noticed, we missed out X in the A to Z series, we couldn’t come up...

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26 September 13

w of cdm welfare facilities

A to Z of CDM: W is for Welfare Facilities

The W in our A to Z series is dedicated to Welfare Facilities. Why? Well, there’s a whole section of the CDM Regulations dedicated to welfare facilities, it’s hidden away near the back in Schedule 2. The fact that construction welfare facilities are specifically covered in the CDM Regulations means that is a legal requirement to provide...

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