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27 August 13

t of cdm time

A to Z of CDM: T is for Time

We are now getting close to the end of our A to Z series of CDM, and the T in our list is for Time. Is it time to think health and safety, or just time to think? Every duty holder needs time to carry out their duties under CDM. Planning, managing, cooperating and coordinator work all takes time. Each duty holder must be allowed that time...

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22 August 13

s of cdm safety

A to Z of CDM: S is for Safety

The S in our A to Z series of CDM goes to safety, or more accurately, health and safety. After all, the CDM regulations are health and safety legislation. The construction industry is a high risk industry. You only have to look at the accident statistics to know that construction sites are perhaps not the safest place to work. However,...

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20 August 13

r of cdm residential

A to Z of CDM: R is for Residential

R in our A to Z series of CDM is dedicated to Residential, because residential projects are exempt from the CDM regulations, right? Wrong! This seems to be a very common misunderstood area of the CDM regulations, and often it is genuinely believed that all residential projects are exempt from CDM. They are not. So which residential...

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18 August 13

q of cdm qualifications

A to Z of CDM: Q is for Qualifications

The letter Q in our A to Z series is allocated to Qualifications, part of the competence requirement under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations. One of the duties we have discussed often on our blog is the need for competence as detailed in Regulation 4 of the CDM regulations . If you are appointing someone to work on a...

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14 August 13

p of cdm principal contractor

A to Z of CDM: P is for Principal Contractor

The letter P in our A to Z of CDM is for Principal Contractor. This is a role created by the CDM Regulations and one that must be appointed on all notifiable CDM construction projects. Principal Contractors have their own duties under CDM, in addition to the contractor duties that must be fulfilled by all contractors working on a project....

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08 August 13

o of cdm organised

A to Z of CDM: O is for Organised

O in our A to Z of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations, a.k.a the CDM Regs, goes to Organised. Why? It’s because if you work in construction, and want to comply with the CDM regulations, then you need to be organised. Let’s be honest, being organised wont just help you comply with CDM, it will also help your project run...

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05 August 13

CDM Coordinator Project - Residential Development, London

CDM Coordinator Project: Residential Development, South London This project involved the construction of an end of terrace residential new build. This garden plot was developed to provide a 82sqm three storey 2 bedroom property with associated landscaping. Duration: 6 months Appointment: November 2012 Work involved excavations,...

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31 July 13

n of cdm notifiable

A to Z of CDM: N is for Notifiable

The letter N in our A to Z series for the CDM regulations goes to Notifiable. The CDM Regulations may require your project to be notified to the HSE, and this will also impact on whether you need to appoint a CDM Coordinator and a Principal Contractor. There a two types of projects under CDM. Notifiable and Non-Notifiable. Notifiable...

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26 July 13

m of cdm management

A to Z of CDM: M is for Management

M in our A to Z blog series on the CDM regulations goes to Management, because... well... they are the Construction (Design and MANAGEMENT) Regulations. A safe construction project is one that is well managed. There needs to be good project management, and excellent site management, to ensure that hazards are controlled and risks are...

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24 July 13

l of cdm legal law legislation

A to Z of CDM: L is for Legal, Law and Legislation

The letter L in our A to Z series is dedicated to all things legal, after all, it’s important to remember that the CDM regulations are a piece of legislation and failure to comply could lead to prosecution. CDM is short for the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007. These Regulations may be cited as the Construction (...

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18 July 13

k of cdm key parties

A to Z of CDM: K is for Key Parties

One of the main outcomes of the CDM regulations is that, applied correctly to a construction project, one of the results should be improved cooperation and communication between key parties. So who are the key parties identified in the CDM regulations? There are a number of different roles defined as having duties under the CDM regulations...

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17 July 13

CDM Coordinator Project - Residential Conversion, Surrey

CDM Coordinator Project: Residential Conversion, Sutton, Surrey This project involves the conversion of an existing residential property in Surrey to create 6 self contained flats. Duration: 12 months Appointment: July 2012 The project developed a detached residential house set out over 4 floors into a multi use property containing 6...

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