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05 July 13: CDM Coordinator Project: Conversion of offices to residential apartments, Nottingham The site is currently empty offices to a former bank branch that was located on the ground the floor, within a city centre location. Duration: 6 months Appointment: June 2013 This project will involve the conversion of the first, second and third floor... read more »
i of cdm information 03 July 13: The i in our A to Z of the CDM regulations is for information. One of the key purposes of the CDM regulations is to ensure that everyone has the information they need to work safely. Information will initially flow from the client. On notifiable projects this information will be gathered from the client by the CDM coordinator and passed... read more »
h of cdm health and safety file 28 June 13: H is our A to Z of CDM series goes to the Health and Safety File, a document required on project completion under the CDM Regulations. The health and safety file is a document that is created for notifiable construction projects by the CDM coordinator, based on information gathered from the principal contractor, designers, the client and... read more »
g of cdm good order 26 June 13: The CDM regulations outline a number of duties relating to health and safety on construction sites, and the letter G in our A to Z list goes to regulation 27 – Good order and site security. The CDM regulations do beyond the appointment of duty holders, the preparation of information and the requirements for notification. Part 4 of the CDM... read more »
fatal construction 25 June 13: I got an email the other day entitled ‘fatal presentation mistakes to avoid’. I had a quick read, and yes the mistakes would be damaging to the impact and success of a presentation, sure – but fatal? No. The mistakes would not end your life, or anyone else’s for that matter. It got me thinking about the mistakes that can be made on site... read more »
f of cdm f10 22 June 13: The F10 is a form specifically required because of the CDM regulations, so, since we can only pick one F for our list, the F10 gets a place. One of the requirements under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (known as the CDM regulations) is that notifiable projects are notified to the HSE. Notifiable, must be notified – makes... read more »
21 June 13: CDM Coordinator Project: Hospital Pharmacy Alterations, Peterborough This project involves alterations to an existing hospital pharmacy to provide an improved layout. Duration: 2 months Appointment: June 2013 The project involves minor layout and service alterations to the hospital pharmacy. Works include partition walls, carpentry,... read more »
e of cdm everyone 17 June 13: We have said many times that the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) place duties on virtually everyone involved in a construction project. So it is no big surprise that E in our A to Z series is for Everyone. It is sometimes wrongly believed that only the main duty holders need to be aware of the CDM regulations.... read more »
14 June 13: CDM Coordinator Appointment: Care Home Extension, Leicester This project involves the extension of an existing care home in Leicester to provide an additional self contained unit. Duration: 8 months Appointment: June 2013 With the existing care home remaining occupied throughout the works, consideration was given during the planning... read more »
d of cdm designer 12 June 13: The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (known as the CDM regulations) place duties on virtually everyone involved in construction work, including designers. Who are designers? Designers can include the project architect, structural engineer, interior designers, contractors and any other person contributing to the design of a... read more »
c of cdm cdm coordinator 11 June 13: One of the roles specifically required by the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM) is the CDM coordinator, so it seemed only right that the letter C in our A-Z blog series was dedicated to this role. Appointing a CDM coordinator has become a legal duty for clients on the majority of construction projects. So when do... read more »
b of cdm building 10 June 13: The second in our A to Z of CDM blog series and B is for... Building. If you are undertaking building work, having work done to your existing building, or creating a new building, you should be aware of the CDM regulations and any duties that apply to your role. The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (2007) apply to all... read more »


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