Method Statement Blank Template
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This blank method statement template provides you with a layout to create a professional method statement for your business activities.


This document has been created by our health and safety specialists and gives you a good layout and format to use when carrying out a method statement, providing you with details of the information you need to provide.

Method statements are a good way of providing information to employees about how the work should be done for a particular task or activity. One job task may be covered by a number of risk assessments and coshh assessments, and a method statement is a good way of referencing the various documents that apply to the activity, and providing a safe system of work to follow.

You may use the method statement template as it is, in your business, and can add your company name at the top. However, the document is provided as a blank template and will need to be completed for the activities as required.

The document template has editable text fields, and is provided in PDF format for optimum compatibility across devices. View and edit this document using the free Adobe Reader. Once downloaded you are free to save, edit, print and use the blank method statement template within your business for as long as you need it.

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» Project
» Activity
» Description
» Key Dates
» Hazards Identified
» Site Specific Hazards
» Work Procedure & Control Measures
» Supervisory Arrangements
» First Aid & Welfare Provision
» Emergency Procedures
» Completion and Acceptance