Tool Box Talk Electrical Safety
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This electrical safety box talk covers the requirements, regulations and good practice associated with electricity.


Electrical hazards are present in most workplaces, from services within buildings, to electrical tools and equipment used, underground services, and overhead services.

This tool box talk for electrical safety can be used to raise awareness on site of the risk associated with electricity, to discuss the safety issues and to help keep your workforce safe.

Tool box talks should not be used in place of providing adequate training to your workforce, but can be used as a 10 minute refresher or reminder on site for safe working practices and site hazards.

The document is provided in pdf format on one sheet of A4, making it easy to print and distribute to your workforce. Once downloaded you are free to save, edit, print and use the tool box talk within your business for as long as you need it.


» Introduction
» Importance of Topic
» Requirements / Regulations
» Good Practice / Guidance
» Questions
» Summary